Is Psychotherapy a regulated health profession?

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario in now formerly in operation registering qualified members who will go by the restricted title of Registered Psychotherapist, R.P. The college has a Directory of Members called the 'public register' which lists all qualified registered members. Spencer is a registered member.

For more information on the College see their website: http://www.crpo.ca/

Will your fees be covered by OHIP or medical Insurance?

Fees are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Medical insurance coverage varies depending on your plan. Some plans cover Spencer's fees - please check with your plan. The fee is $90 per one hour session.

Will the information discussed in sessions be kept confidential?

Confidentiality is strictly observed.

How do you handle medication?

Spencer does not prescribe medication, however he will work with you under medication. Discussing medication in therapy can prove to be very valuable.

I'm new to therapy, so what should I expect?

Some clients may feel apprehensive about starting therapy. See my webpage called 'the Client" for some ideas of what to expect.

How long should I go for therapy? I don't want to become dependent.

Itís difficult to predict how long therapy will take. Come as long as you feel it is useful.

How does one distinguish therapy from counselling?

Likely the main difference between counselling and therapy is that counselling usually involves advice giving, whereas therapy does not. Psychotherapy normally involves a deeper search into one's self (one's psyche) in order to come to terms with seemingly intractable issues rooted in one's personality. In this case, advice-giving is less useful than gaining a stronger, more comprehensive grasp of who you are.

How do I set up the first appointment?

Phone or email the therapist with some times that would work for you. See the 'Contact' page.