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Psychotherapy & Dreams

A Brief introduction to working with dreams in therapy.
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The Space Between Two Chairs

Making creative use of the opportunity for self-development in therapy. With reference to Donald Winnicott, A British Pediatrician and Analyst.
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From Baby Highchair to Therapist Office Chair

About the need children have for attentive & lively interaction with a caring, responsive parent. Reference to Dr. Tronic's Still Face Experiment.
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The Cost of Avoiding Painful Realities

Psychological conflict can prevent us from advancing our lives. Reference to Elizabeth Von R., an early client of Freud's.
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It's All About Me

Narcissism is not uncommonly rooted in desperation and loneliness. References to Heinz Kohut and empathy.
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Therapy in a Canoe

Thoughts and feelings you might go through while deciding on starting therapy.
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Heard of a good therapist?

Ideas to consider in choosing a therapist.
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Christmas Season Leftovers: Turkey and Depression

How when we are depressed our minds can end up working against us.
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Links of Interest

Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy.
This professional organization promotes and develops the practice of psychodynamic therapy in Canada.